Hi Everybody!

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    Hi everyone,

    1st let me say that I have been really pleasantly surprised by the level of community spirit that propagates throughout this forum. You should all be proud of it.

    Ive been wanting to get into IMing for a while now and have never really known where to turn to get started. I work for a web host doing technical support so Im pretty competent when it comes to the hosting part of things. Its the SEO/other business aspects that are seems to be somewhat overwhelming.
    Right now, Im trying out a few drop-shipping leads, and Im looking into blogging for CPA/Clickbank/Adsense.

    Im not here to ask everyone to hold my hand with everything I do, but I could use some direction. Does anyone have any good recommendations for Ebooks that will help? Anyone have any nuggets of information that they wouldn't mind sharing with a relative noob?