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    Are you kidding me?
    I pretty much want to keep it simple.

    Hi BHW!

    My names david, and I'm 15. I joined because earlier today, I was on a gpt site, and after I cashed out I wanted to make more money because it wasn't enough ($4.00 lol). I used to make $300/mo but that online job interfered with school too much so I dropped it. I used to run a web hosting company before I sold it off for $1.2k.

    Now I signed up for BHW because I saw it actually had something that interested me =P. I plan to be active, unlike the other forums I'm on.

    Although I like making $$$, my passion is journalism and media, and I currently have a tech news blog at grindgadget. I plant to work for IGN or gizmodo when i grow up lol.

    I have some questions, too:

    Why does everyone cripple links on this forum?
    How do I gain rep? By having people thank me? Because I don't see a +rep option to give to other people.

    Sorry the post was so long, I just typed whatever came to mind. And sorry its so sloppy, I typed it from my iPhone and auto correct is kicking my butt.