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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ZeroGrav, May 21, 2011.

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    May 21, 2011
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    So tell me... Did the title entice you to click this? (Seriously though, not looking to offend anyone ;))

    I guess this is where i should introduce myself without giving away too much information... I'm a 22-year old guy from Belgium, home of the famous beers and ... (you tell me, what else are we famous for? Definitely not the hot chicks, as there aren't that many here, you should visit our neighbours for that, along with the far too expensive, but legalized grass).

    I started my IM/SEO journey about 7 months ago, when i stumbled upon a "make 14 thousand billion gazillion a month" guru site (seriously Chris Farrell, should you be reading this, go stick your crappy membership site where the sun doesn't shine). Luckily, i found a forum (this is to you Choppers) where they quickly made me realize that i didn't need the guru products or crappy warrior sales offers to make it online.

    In those 7 months, i learned a great deal of SEO, and realized that the only thing you need to improve rankings is hard work/dedication and creativity... oh and not to forget, some fancy blackhat tools ;)

    Working on a MacBook Pro right now (which doesn't mean i can't run your crappy windows operating system with its 'sophisticated' tools) in my bedroom, 16-18 hours a day - 7 days a week.

    After trying to sell shitty CB products with no success for months (can you blame me, 99% of CB products are rip-offs, wouldn't even give them away for free) i'm finally seeing some income from a website where i offer advertising space to local businesses. Long live the Belgian social support system though, which enabled me to keep trying/testing all those months, while still receiving an income. (i quit my day job 8 months ago, after working there for 3 years)

    Anywayzzz, gonna get me some fancy avatar now
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    Haha. Welcome to the forums, from one newbie to another. And yes, I was enticed.