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Hi BHW-community

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Kn9Isler, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Kn9Isler

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    Jul 18, 2012
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    Hi guys,

    about me:

    Actually it’s hard to introduce myself with a few sentences. I’m almost 24, from a very good family and was happy in my childhood,
    but because of some circumstances and my decision I’ve taken a difficult way. With 17 I’ve left my country to study abroad. I was
    alone in the new country without financial help from my parents and without work permission. Damn that was not funny;)

    Lack of money and problems with my home place 3 years long. I was not homeless, but a quite flat was my dream. It was a very hard
    time for me and sometimes I´ve had a feeling that the whole world is against me. But I´ve never given up. Nobody told me that, it was
    just inside me, that feeling that I can and will do it.

    Now I have a full time job in a charity project, do my master and can afford a small flat. That’s all because I´ve never given up.
    It´s not a lot but it´s enough.

    After a while I’ve found BHW and have read in all motivation threads the same words “never give up”. I`m pretty sure that I can do it,
    but right now I can´t find the right way. I´m not a noob in SEO, I know html and css, wordpress etc. I was a silent reader for a lot of time
    because I was too shy to post something. Now I´m here, hope you won´t hate me))

    My goal is to finance myself and my parents in future, because they will retire in a couple of years and I want to “pay them back” and make
    they retire-life as easy/happy/better as possible.

    What I did. I´ve bought a software for 20$ and have made with it almost 200$ on fiverr. With this money I´ve bought another software.
    I have a few orders per week now, not enough but better than nothing.

    My main problem is focusing on something, I´m trying many things but without success.

    That was my story, thanks for attention.

    Tips are appreciated!