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    Hi everyone, I've been reading BHW for almost two weeks now till my account was approved, seems like they were running a little behind :) but Man what a AWESOME site. I tried affiliate marking with Adult websites about 4 years ago but didn't have that much success. I then moved into selling stuff via me E-Commerce sites and did pretty good till the US Economy took a dive. Right now I'm barely able to pay the bills but this month is looking a little better then last few which is the first upswing I have seen since February!. With all the information and tools this site has to offer I think its really going to help me increase my E-commerce sites business and help me get back into the Affiliate marketing game again. Dude I'm so freaking Excited!! I just need to put a game plain together once I get a few things figured out. I've been working on a couple of niche Autoblogs with wordpress, once I get those done I'll work on getting traffic to them, etc.

    Theres so much information in my head that I've learned that I need to sort it out and figure out what direction to move towards first. LoL I want to do ti ALLL!!!! Muahahahah

    Anyway.. I'm looking forward to being an active part of the BHW community..