Hi all!!! Wet behind the ears...

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Mar 24, 2015
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I have no idea where to start? Any appropriate recommendations are welcomed!!
A little about me: I know very little; I have 2 domains; neither is making money; they both have content; I am writing a novel; I am a ghost writer on several freelance websites; not making money... that's about it... I have been contacted by the bank, they want to take their home back... oh did I mention I'm not making any money? Any help would be great. If you tell me what to do, how to do it, and how much I get paid to do it... I am pretty sure 24 hours in a day is nothing compared to the amount of sleep I've been getting, so I'd be willing to do it.
I have no coding experience; I have no technical background; I have no clue! As long as it's legal and I can make money (short of selling my body or soul) I'm a clean slate. Anyone have any ideas? Please help... if you have the time... that would be great... Jjannbach...thank you
Welcome! BHW will dry those ears up in no time. To make money you need to learn and then earn. Since you don't
have any investment money at all I would suggest writing content for people. Just make sure you advertise it right
per forum rules.

You can get a nice start with a content company actually.

Good luck to you!
You can start with YouTube + PPD (or CPA).
Read a word or two around the forum.
Beginnings usually require a lot of reading.
You can type "where to start" in this forum's search box.
Many people ask the same question every day.
I am sure I've read plenty of tutorials that can help you start.
If you have established review or product sites, you can try Amazon or ClickBank as well.
I am sure you will find what you are looking for in this forum.
Good luck.
welcome to community. Good to see you want to earn money but if you have no skills than learn few skills than only you be able to start your Online career.
Hey buddy,

Welcome to BHW... All the best for ur journey in this community....:)
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