Hi all, long-time lurker here :)

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    Dec 29, 2011
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    I first found BHW in 2009, I read some stuff, got bored and left. A year later I came back and tried some blogging with adsense ads. I actually got the blog to make around 1? a day and before I finally closed it, it had earned me 130? :).
    Anyway, I eventually got bored and quit. Now I'm back again and faced with adulthood and a job as mall security chasing after junkies and hobos, all the while making 2? an hour minus taxes... Well I really want to get serious about IM.

    My plan is to drive traffic from youtube to complete incentive based CPA offers on my own website. Problem is that maintaining a website and actually creating one and having it work + host my own downloads, it just seems so daunting to me. So I thought I'd start out by joining one of the PPD networks out there like sharecash or preferably fileice.

    Wish me luck and give me advice guys :eek: