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    Hey everyone ... I found this forum searching for a marketplace for facebook profiles. Looks like I stumbled upon the perfect site.

    Then I started reading about the blog tools and that piqued my curiosity as well because I've been reading a lot about how to make money with blogs, so this site became even more perfect.

    Here's a challenge for y'all.

    Say you have a client who owns a law firm and he owns nearly 100 domain names. He hasn't developed any of the domain names. He is a lawyer practicing bankruptcies and foreclosures ... most of his domain names deal with keywords relating to those areas.

    How would you recommend monetizing and generating leads? Would you install a separate blog on each domain, cross-link and install a script like WP-Robot? I've done a bit of reading and that seems like it might yield some results.

    I have a few years of web development experience but none in the blogging realm.
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    Hi, have a nice time here