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    I'm from Poland. I'm turning 17 on December. My family has never been in a good financial condition. We've been living for around 1000$ a month for several years. Over two years ago, after selling our flat, we paid all our debt and my parents decided to build a house. My dad got a better job, we took a new credit. Then he lost a job a few months after, we had to get more money to firstly cover the house-building expenses, secondly to pay the first debt. Then we made it into a continous spiral of new debts. Now, my dad earns a really good money as for ppl in Poland, but we're really high in debt, I'd say its around 15000-25000$. Our house is built, we live here, but inside there's almost nothing done. We've only moved some furniture inside, and made a simple shower, so at least we can store our crap and somehow live here. My dad earns around 3-4k$ now.
    I'd love to have a great, innovative house. I really like looking at nice house interiors, I'd really like to have a nice one... But first we have to pay all the debts...
    Something more about me - I'm kind of an introvert. I've always played a lot of computer games. But I have also always been interested in finances, earning money. That's why over a year ago I found BHW. I read a lot, but then I made bad decisions, earned some money, then sold some of my real stuff(including my phone), tried some methods(as I said I made bad decisions) and then lost 1000$. All my money. Now I'm playing around with instagram, haven't made anything yet.
    Another thing - I've been studying classical guitar since I was 6. I've been successful at several national and international competitions, including 1st-3rd prizes. But I've never really enjoyed playing guitar. I've only been doing it cause I am good at it.
    Now I'm extremely lost. All the debt, the decisions I have to make(I don't know what to do - whether keep studying classical guitar and music, or don't lose my time for this...), my personal situation(as I said I'm kind of an introvert and although people like spending time with me, I haven't really got many friends), it's all really, really overwhelming for me. I no longer enjoy playing computer games, I've made some money out of them but it also feels like a waste of time, especially since it's no longer a pleasure for me...

    I don't know what to do. I need a hand but I can't find one anywhere.
    I know there's a lot of people in much much worse situation, but I'm posting it here just because I just really don't know how I can make my situation better.