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    Hello everyone!

    First of all, lets make something clear, I don't want to sell anything, I don't want to ask for anything and this is not some propaganda or anything similar, it's just my personal history that I want share, as I read alot like it in the past.

    So, I found blackhat 7-8 years ago. I was looking to know about SEO and ways to make money online when I found it on google.
    I started very young trying to make money online, I was 9 when I had my first website, a Anime (Japanese Cartoon) website, but I didn't had much of a success getting anything from it, not even visitors.
    But after 4 years trying, I finnally got a couple hundred of dollars after creating a few gaming servers. (You know, selling VIP, Itens etc..)

    Meanwhile I tried to find new ways to make money, I tried everything I could find, tried opening a Hosting Company, selling shirts online, I did work as webdesigner and programmer from time to time. But when I had 15/16 years, I found Black Hat World, I was looking for SEO tips for the micro-niche websites that I was working on to get money with adsense, the knowledge would help me boost the sites profit and help my webdesign clients, so I sticked around. I started reading everything I could find, even the silly stuff that didn't really work. But thanks for the knowledge that I gathered here I was able to find a new niche and have a good profit from it!

    The niche was Movies and TV Shows (Not a very good, I know, but it worked), we used CPA offers to allow the users to be able to download the shows. Hell, I even posted fake movies and made fake posters so even "smart" people would think "The only way to get the download is by doing this CPA offer"

    Well, it was a good start for me... I made a good amount of money in the 2-3 years that I got it working, until everything went dark

    Panda was introduced, and all my websites with hundred of thousands of visits were now gone, I still got alot of visitors, but not nearly enough to pay for the bills that I managed to arrange...
    And after that, the company that I used to host the CPA offers, simply didn't pay anyone. Looks like I wasn't the only one who got a hit, so they simply didn't pay me, that was the cherry on top.

    Well... by the time I was 20 I was broke, I mean, I still had a income from my websites, but my debt was huge, I lost my credit cards and bank accounts. So that's a little depressing, for a little time there I though there was no way out, I dropped out of school to work with the internet, I lived alone and had no expectations I could do anything.


    I actually was delusional, I had this crazy idea that if I waited long enough something good would happen and everything would be better, after all, I was still getting money without doing anything, I just wasn't getting alot.

    So one day it hit me, I had to do something, I realized that while I was waiting for something good to happen, it would be most probable that something bad would happen. I mean, yea, I still had money from those websites, but they would stop eventually, I had to do something fast.

    Remember that I told you that I made money with game servers? Well... I decided to try to do the hosting company one more time, this time focusing in Gaming Servers, I had alot of time to learn and I always wanted to try it. I was focusing in my country demographics, and used all the knowledge I had gathered from everything. After alot of planing and work....
    The company was a sucess :)
    In 6 months I was able to pay all my debts and get everything organized again, I was working like crazy, we crushed our competitors and became one of the biggest gaming hosts in our country.
    But hosting wasn't my thing, we had thousand of atacks every day, people trying to scam me at every moment, managing employees and keeping track of their logs, it was caothic...
    So I decided to sell the company and I sold it.

    Now I was finally free to do whatever I wanted, so I decided to get back with Adsense, WebSites and a few other business that I wanted to try, it was a good year, I made more money than I would have done with my company with alot less stress (for most part). I can't get in details about what I m doing right now, I think you guys will understand.

    Today I was researching a few things and got here again, I felt a little nostalgic and decided to post here, I couldn't recall the email that I used in the past, but since I was mostly reading topics no one would remember anyway lol

    Hope you guys don't mind with the long introduction

    Btw, sorry for my english, grammar errors may be common :)
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    WOWWWWWWW Nice Introduction there mate. Welcome to BlackHatWorld and GOOD LUCK :)
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    Good that it eventually all turned around for you for the better.
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    Search Metrico
    These are the kind of stories that inspire us to strive for more and never give up :p
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    you know, I am from a job seeker to a businessman.
    its really nice to earn money on internet.
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    Ah the joys of earning money online :3
    Welcome to BHW, enjoy your stay.