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    Hey guys, Goksh here. haven't really been too associated with the things pertaining to this site, but none the less very entertaining thoughts and software found throughout the forums. Anyway, a little about me

    Born in the US, started fixing computers and using them for about 15+ years.

    Pretty used to the stuff I see, being around computers and all, i know how to get around software and hardware pretty damn good, and been helping others along the way for a very long time.

    Also and avid gamer!! Really into DOTA, Starcraft, FPS for computers, RPG's (final fantasy, Elder Scrolls, ++)Gaming it up on my PS3 as a i gave away my souped up computer. Donated it to a recording studio in need.

    Into anime, bleach naruto, dragon ball z and stuffs. Open to some suggestions here as this department is lacking!!

    Love editing software, from music to video to pictures. I aint really good at video and pictures, but I've tried and have made very great sigs for people from time to time.
    Yes I am a big fanboy of recording studio sessions. I have done work with artists associated with 50 Cent, Swizz Beats, Notorious BIG, The LOX, Lost Boys, and many underground hip hop R&B artists.

    If anyone has any recommendations of things they like that i might enjoy, find commonalities and things they want to talk about, want to talk more with me, I'm open and very welcoming to new experiences and people I can have a good relationship with.

    Right now being on this site, I'm looking into proxies, their uses, how to use them, and exactly what can be done with what I have currently.

    After getting the grip on it, i plan on settling down with my income stream

    and getting a little more into directing traffic to my website I will be building in the near future. Mostly selling sports/recreational nutritional products, world class makeup and such and such. Shout out to me as this isn't where it ends!