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Sep 8, 2013
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Hey,Just joined, so I'd like to introduce myself.

Firstly I am a musician. I have a pretty decent PC based home studio I have put together over the last few years. I like to make different styles of music, but mostly guitar blues and techno/psytrance/ambient. Just under a year ago I was beginning to get a library of short songs together to go down the route of pitching short pieces and jingles to music supervisors for TV.

Around that time I got accepted onto a full time web development course. About 4 months ago we started getting into the SEO end of things and through researching for school projects I came across this place. And damn, since that day I've been on here at least 6-8 hours a day just reading and reading. It has been a mine of information for me. Slowly and slowly I am getting to see the bigger picture and things have become a lot less confusing for me than when I first came here. So thanks to all for all the contributions you have made here.

As we are getting towards the end of the course now, final projects are stacking up, I am putting things in place to venture into the world of IM marketing afterwards. So far I have upgraded my paypal to business, received my payoneer card and signed up with HMA pro vpn and signed up with clickbank.For my first projects I will be focusing on an Adsense site (thanks Bluematter) and either an amazon affiliate or clickbank site.

Anyway, hope I haven't rattled on too long here. I am looking forward to becoming part of this community and continuing to learn, and in time hopefully share with others what I have learned.

All the best
Thanks Frolic and lowell1 for the welcome on the mat :)
Welcome to BHW, Tom!

Nice to hear we have another musician here.
There was a thread recently, and we discovered there is a lot of talented members here on BHW. :)

Hope you'll learn a lot of useful IM stuff here.
Hey, welcome to BHW! Remember to read the rules and TOS to have the best experience!
Hello Tom, thanks for sharing your story. Nice to hear that you're a musician.

I looove music & I tend to try producing one day. I'm 22 so, I believe there's time.

Anyways, I wish you best of luck with your future projects. Enjoy BHW like I do. :)
Not open for further replies.
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