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    My name is Bill Thompson, I derived my handle from the two captcha words that were visible upon registration. Not that you care, but now you know.

    My reasons for signing up for this forum, aside from wanting to make more money, are for either A, B, or both.

    I have many great ideas for monetized websites/Programs. Many more than I can handle at the moment and I need:

    A. To build a team or at least acquire a partner to split profits with. My technical ability is limited, probably above average, but limited. The partner would be someone who is well versed in web page development, SEO, and I will need a good programmer. If someone knows a quality programmer that we can outsource that will do nicely as well. So whether it be a team or a one-man-band doesn't matter to me.

    B. I am interested in selling ideas. I do not know how to go about this really. Is there such a website that I can sell ideas? If anyone knows of such a place, let me know. Or if your interested in my vast knowledge base let me know.

    C. I lied, there is a "C". To gain as much knowledge as possible. To further my abilities. To learn from the best.

    I chose this site, because when I type in Black Hat SEO into google, this is the top of the list. This statement should speak for itself.

    To be honest with you all, I am probably more of a "White Hat" but I don't like to limit myself and I believe you guys are probably a lot more open to "white hat" than the white hats would be to "black hat".




    I will be posting this into the main section of the forum as I'm not sure how many people actually check this section. Feel free to remove it if necessary...thinking about this, I'm not sure if its necessary...I may do it though...looking below, I'm not sure what the hell a trackback is...technical abilities limited...very limited.
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    Come again. :) You've really made me more confused.


    1. This site is really about caring and sharing.
    2. Come out openly with your great ideas or keep them to yourself.
    3. Get trust first from our good members and you'll get better response.
    4. Actually, I like that Option D more. :D

    Welcome to BHW! :)
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