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    First off, I have been a member of BHW since 2008 and used to do a little adsense/amazon affiliate websites in my free time.

    Recently, I have become more actively surfing the forums because of my situation.
    I was hit by a tractor trailer almost 2 years ago and still recovering, currently bedridden. I can't sit (nerve impingement in horrible places, lol) at all and have trouble walking. Add to that PTSD, PCD, anxiety, depression, bad panic attacks and much much more lol. Oh yeah and really bad tension headaches from the whiplash.

    I try to stay positive and I am eager to find good methods but there are so many.

    The method i am liking most is finding small business who are not yet on the internet and give them a web presence which includes a website and social media presence etc.
    I realize there is much money to be made in youtube cpa, facebook cpa. But I'm scared of all those acronym based methods..ppd, ppc, cpa lol

    Also I look at Flippa to get ideas about niches. I got an account at IWriter and other similar sites to see what kind of articles people are wanting, to get ideas.

    So basically, it's information overload right now.
    I'm learning about linkwheels and they seem like so much hardwork and i would hate to see google spank me for it in the near future because it's hours of work.

    Please wish me well, I will benefit from your good wishes and thoughts.
    I genuinely believe in willpower and mind over matter and that anything can be achievable.

    Take things one at a time. Just think clearly and be calm. And schedule your time and don't waste a moment of life.

    And last and most important. Give thanks for your own good and continued good health.
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    Sorry to hear about your RL situation man. All I can suggest is take action, otherwise all the reading on here is worth nothing. Best of luck to you!

    P.S. Don't be afraid of acronym methods! ;)