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    Thought I'd take the opportunity to finally register so I could make a few posts! I've been lurking for quite a while now :) Just a bit about me: I'm a full time student with a part time job and, as of three months ago, another full time job pushing carts. For the last three months I've been feeling extremely depressed.. winter, combined with my tight financial situation and absolutely terrible full time job, is leaving me bereft of joy :(

    The breaking point was last night when, while pushing carts, I spotted my dream car: A Tesla Model S, I've been obsessed with these for a little over two years now. If you don't know about them, LOOK THEM UP! I used to see them up and down I5 in California when I lived on the West Coast, but had never saw one up close until yesterday. (I'd post a pic of it and my car for comparison, but I can't post images quite yet!)

    I don't know how I will ever work up to being able to own one AND pay rent, but I'll do it one day!!

    I've ben looking into ORM: I'm extremely comfortable with people and prefer working face-to-face. I am definitely skilled in graphic design and Wordpress websites (which I've done to make a little extra money in the past) but I am not familiar with SEO. I know how it works, but have never read a practical guide for selecting keywords or actually performing off-site SEO. I am more than able to do 7878's review filter, but one of my potential clients has quite a few google results that could definitely be dropped from the first page (including two drownings in their pool, multiple fires--ON THE FIRST PAGE of a google search for their name!)

    If anyone has some essential reading regarding SEO, ORM or anything else please feel free to link me to it! I'm also interested in outsourcing the SEO if anyone has advice regarding that.