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    Hey All,

    My name is Paul. I've been a FT Webmaster for roughly 5 years now. I work in a plethora of different markets, but focus on one in particular. Prior to being a FT Webmaster, I owned a business and worked for a couple of large corporations in my area.

    I've been lurking BHW for years, but finally registered and was accepted. My Hope is that I can lend a WH/GH hand when needed. I believe that through my years of E-commerce, content, and Affiliate Management I'll have tips to share. I could literally write a novel on these subjects. PM me if you're in the MN area - I'd love to set up a meet-up in the future. My previous on another Webmaster forum was dropped due to a health issue from the mod.

    Regardless - it is great to finally meet you all!