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    I am an SEO Tech for a online marketing firm in SoCal. I transitioned from sales where I excelled, but during the year during sales I was able to pick up on some SEO skills by working with our past SEO tech, and by learning a majority of this stuff on my own to help me sell better. Now I am about six months in, and have already gotten 2 pay raises... "WOOT WOOT"

    During this process I have started 20 affiliate sites that have surprised my to say the least. Not sure if I keep getting lucky with SEO or if I just treat each site with the right TLC and research.. but I have def gotten much love in the SERPs for both my personal sites and my clients sites.

    Previous to moving into the sales/SEO field I was a football player at Arizona State University and spent sometime with a handful of pro teams. The SERPs are my new battle field so to speak, and I am always looking for new tips on how to improve my online game.

    BHW has given me a vast amount of knowledge and tips. I consider myself White Hat, and pride myself in that. But in times of difficulty, (especially with some of my clients National highly competitive keywords) I often find myself leaning towards the gray. Which works lol

    Much love for BHW and all it has provided me.

    Look forward to posting and learning from you guys...:D