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Any ideas how to get rid from Herpetophobia?
VR glasses? I've read that it works for acrophobia.
The problem is that it is not about being afraid, but real phobia with half day shock.
The problem is that it is not about being afraid, but real phobia with half day shock.
Man, same here. Everyone I know of including myself are scared of reptiles. I guess it's a common thing. For example if I saw a snake in front of me right now, I would be half dead lol. It's ok. :p
Thank you guys for your suggestions and good jokes! My cosine is suffering from this phobia. She refuses go out after rain, because of earthworm. I lost a hope to send her to a doctor. No way - refusing to visit.

as per myself i do hate people who behave like this
Do you have a lot of reptiles there or why is it an issue? I rarely see any reptile here in the wild and they're all harmless except one snake species, but it's extremely rare.
Maybe with VR you can face with your fears more easy as stated above me. I have heard that there are some businesses dedicated for that type of niche.
Did not know what the fuck Herpetophobia was. Googled it and now i'm smarter, see bhw lounge makes people smarter.
I have seen one time, a person is petting a crocs. You maybe in the same place!
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