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    I have an exact keyphrase dot com thats been sitting completely empty with just the server index page in the serps - yet it was on page one for the phrase - and has been for six months (odd in the first place)

    I thought "stop being lazy and get some content on there you daft fanny", so I did - 10 pages, each optimised for a more localised version of that keyphrase, with niche additions such as gay, casual, friendship (It's dating).

    Google found all my nice new pages - and indexed them - but now the site's dropped off the face of the earth - page gazillion for the phrase.

    Put inverted commas round the phrase and it's back on page one. Take them away - page gazillion. It's been like this for three weeks.

    Could it be that as an empty site it was innocent - and as soon as google knew it was dating it said to hell with this? But that doesn't explain the inverted commas result..


    P.s: I should add that this is not a particularly long tail phrase and gets 1900 local UK searches a month
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