Here is the Solution for Twitter Follow Limit

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    Ok guys. If you are struggled to follow more than 500 twitter accounts Or your accounts gets limited after 70-80 follows then this is for you.

    I have seen many of our blackhat members faced problems while following hundreds of twitter account from one account. Today i have few tricks to get rid of it. I did more than 120 to 150 experiments on twitter accounts from last few days. So here is the solution for those who are not able to follow more people on twitter.

    Step 1 :-
    Create a new email id for each of your new twitter account. Verify your email id which you used for twitter account creation. These days Twitter dont suggest you to verify your email. But you need to do this go to your mail box and verify your twitter account before twitter place any limits on it. I recommend gmail id's for account creation.

    P.S. - Don't create multiple accounts using one email address. If you do then your twitter account can only follow 69 to 70 people. And few days later it will decrease your daily follow limit.

    Step 2 :-
    Verify your twitter acvount using mobile number. Use 1 mobile number to verify7-8 twitter accounts for the verification. I recommend dont create more than 3 twitter accounts from one ip address. There is definitely no limits from twitter that how many accounts you have from same ip. Just dont do this too fast. Wait for 24 hours to create more twitter accounts from same ip.

    Step 3 :-
    This is the final and crucial step by the way. It took majority of my time and twitter accounts to recognize this thing.

    I observed that twitter place follow limit on twitter accounts because i was only following the followers of pop star "Katy Perry" and twitter was placing follow limits to those accounts which i was trying to follow Katy Perry account followers.

    So next day, i created different twitter account with different email and same phone number and follow different twitter account's. I used Justin Timberlake's account for following his followers and final i was able to follow 700-800 people each day.

    So what i wanted to say here is that if you follow different twitter accounts and their followers you will consider as good twitter user by twitter.

    It is not neccesary that you will get limits while following Katy perry's followers. May be your account is different for your niche. So i recommend here follow different accounts and their followers.