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Discussion in 'Site Flipping' started by shadysays, Mar 20, 2010.

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    On nearly every single thread within the site flipping section regardless of the topic somebody jumps with the "How much do you think my site is worth" question.

    On one of the threads there are numerous people asking even though advice in this arena has already been handed out within the same thread.

    While we all love to help people out this is getting repetative and it is watering down the value of the information within the threads.

    I would like to suggest that there is some sort of post on how to evaluate your site that is made into a sticky. That way people can can some info from that and if they still needed advice they could ask away within the sticky and hopefully somebody would be kind enough to chip in.

    I think this the best way to keep all the current threads on topic and of good value instead of having them taking over by the "how much is my site worth army"

    Just a suggestion :D
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    That's a good suggestion. But there will still be people who post the "how much is my site worth" threads. As you say, even in a thread where the topic is covered people are still asking.

    There will be those with $50 sites and at that level buyers don't actually "value" a site - they throw a few dollars away on a gamble. But anyone with any respectable enough site that can get a few thousand dollars would take the time to research valuation or take the time to read an article like this which covers valuation of websites pretty comprehensively.
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