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Mar 22, 2012
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alright i am very new to this fourms and i am looking to meet the right people for what i am trying to do i am from canada work is very limited here and the work you can find is not a fare wage i know i am a smart guy and i can see better things for my self and my family i own around 1000 domains all pretty much random i have all of them hosted on yola it was fast and simple so i did it
my main traffic site gets around 2k page views a day i know thats not alot but i am looking to get more i have social plugins on my website and i went to some fiver website and spend about 50 bucks and got someone to like my facebook and google plus ones it looks like it has helped a bit i only have 50 blog followers and i want more i think that will help my website is dragonsofatlantis dot ca
i am looking for someone to help me maby create better content or give me a point of view i need some help

Paragraphs and proper grammar next time please.
Well, what is it that you really need? You mentioned CONTENT right?

I'm a fairly good writer. Do you want to talk on Skype to see some of my work? :D
alright send me a link i have money and don't mind paying a fair price
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