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    I'm not the author of this plugin, but this is exactly what I was thinking about, just the other day..
    I've made some blog posts in a bit of a hurry, and forgot to disable the linking of the images, by setting them to "None".
    This plugin will have it set to "None", by default!

    Here is the information, directly from the site

    Automatically Link images to none in selecting and uploading images in WordPress !
      By default, WordPress links images to themselves. A user sees that the image is a link, clicks it and they are then taken  to the image file. From this page the user has two options: click the  "back" button in their browser or move on to another site. Usually it is  the latter. It also affects your image SEO traffic because search  engines could redirect users to the link used for the image instead of  your post.  Overall, it creates bad user experience and affects your site's bounce  rate.
      Solution is that you simply install this plugin and set link to none by default in wordpress.
      Please feel free to offer any feature suggestions you might have and I will consider them for future releases.
    If you need it, fine. If not, fine. I just know I did, and perhaps maybe someone else would, too.

    By the way, here is the VT Scan on it, just in case:
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