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    Okay, I'm trying to get into the whole paypal stealth account thing, so I can use it for selling replicas on Craiglist. Can I use a gift card from Wal-Mart with paypal, and use a different names. What are the chances the gift card can get linked back to me?
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    There are various ways you can get caught or the card can get linked back to you. Here are a few ways you can get caught.

    1. Where you bought the card from must have cameras.

    2. The cards are activated through a computer, each card is different. They will know where the card came from.

    3. If you do not pay in cash, DO NOT do anything illegal with the card. You will get caught.

    4. If you use the card online, the sites you visit log the activity of what you did and the info of the card, they can find you through ip.

    5. Always use the same info on the card and accounts to avoid any problems, this is not necessary. But, for some things you are wanting to do, this is.

    6. Never use any real information or a po box. Use a mail forwarding address that forwards to another address that forwards to a po box.

    These are just a very small few of the basics. Most people already know about this. I suggest you use the search t find some guides on this site. Most of the guides and e-books you can find on here for free, where others charge you for the same info.

    Good luck in all your BH tactics, and may the force be with you.
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