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    This is what I need


    HS teams

    I have a list of 10,000 high school football teams.

    I need to find ID's for players who play for these high school teams using a text match system that finds players names who attend this a certain school.

    Below is a HS team called the Abilene Eagles High School Football

    Sawyer Tallant
    Josh Jones
    Hunter Martin
    Paxton Grayer
    Nate Kittley
    Jake Brooks
    Josh Welch
    Xavier Scarlett
    Jared Jacques
    Tyler McGary
    Alex Wolliscroft
    Kirk Mann
    Shaq Sims
    Ruben Velasco
    Ryan Campos
    Jeret Smith
    Darius Joseph
    Berj Yepremian
    Vincent Miglorie
    Alan Love
    Herschel Sims
    Mitchell Golden
    Tony Curtis
    Alec Arena
    Gibson Aguirre
    Hunter Self
    Moises Estrada
    Anthony Carriola
    Jacob Green
    Nick Capangpangan
    Tevin Mason
    Tyler Cagle
    Chris Horton
    Roy Johnson
    Vincent Velasquez
    Riley Oakes
    Francisco Hernandez
    Michael Carmona
    Stephan Molinas
    Luis Hernandez
    Lorenzo Martinez
    Anthony Flores
    Victor Cruz-bocanegra
    Jay Krebs
    Javier Lara
    Greg Davis
    Ben Kittley
    Nelson Goldsmith
    Christian Valero
    Jerod Daniel
    Brady Odom
    Peter Zeller
    Jacob Martinez


    How can we get these matched up? Is there a bot? Is there someone that does this? Suggestions? Please help!