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Discussion in 'CPA' started by jamiccc, Dec 26, 2009.

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    I have a video site gets around 300 visitors daily but conversion rate is not even 1%

    i am trying for free survey still no conversion.

    I have changed current formula to easy leads. do cpalea**dotcom wipe the completed surveys??

    although its shows the stats in ************** of the visit clicks but no survey completes.
    traffic is offcourse from united states. ??
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    there are many factors which are involved as to why you are not making conversions.
    1. is your traffic targeted ?
    2. does the site look nice? have you checked your competitions websites and is yours better then them ?
    3. do you actually provide them the content they are looking for?
    4. do you have a custom gateway that goes "smooth" or let's say "hand-in-hand" with the websites design?
    5. Do you tease them at least 10 seconds so they can actually see you have the content?

    Ask yourself those questions and many more, and you shall find the answers.
    Also 300 unique visitors is VERY little especially in such a competitive niche.