HELP!! Youtube keeps banning my accounts!

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by lusser, Apr 9, 2014.

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    So about a year ago I started to make these fake videos (on youtube) about App nana and feature points (The videos usually said How to get so and so amount points) and I would get alot of people to sign up using my code. So after about six months of me doing that youtube started banning my accounts and I would continue to make more (with k7 for phone numbers) and they would usually last about 2 weeks, but starting about 2 months ago they started banning my accounts with days (sometimes hours) and I just moved to a new house with new internet a couple of days ago and I made more videos/accounts and BOOM! I got to be banned within hours. Can someone let me know what is going on? I use Mozilla, could that be it? One of my friends does the same thing and his videos have been up for months (with the exact videos too)
    By the way I've been using the same videos the whole time, I've just been re rendering them in Sony Vegas after each Account take down
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    Clean all temporary files, cookies etc. That's just for an initial cleanup.

    Now to ensure you don't get banned.

    1) Research into HWID (Hardware ID) and download a 'Spoofer'. This will spoof you HWID but also save your default settings so you can revert at any time.

    2) Reset your Ip address just as an additional precaution.

    3) when setting up new accounts, use as little information relating to previous banned accounts as you can. Including phone verification.

    Hope things turn out well for you
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    To avoid your youtube acoount getting banned you need to use each youtube accounts from different ips that too high quality proxies like private proxies

    And yes you need to clear cache and history while switicing ips

    Do take care of these points and you will rock