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    New to the forums and have been lurking daily(Might as well be proactive at the 8-5!) But I have learned a lot and have purchased 2 domains. I am creating a Niche site and a content locked site advertising on youtube. But I know many of these great methods would work with a bit of time and I have been thinking of ways to give back to BHW. Well I was part of a MLM for awhile and that is when I finally started to learn the pro's of reading.

    I read a quote from Mark Twain(Im sure most have heard/read this but there is probably 1 person who hasn't) - "The man who doesn?t read good books has no advantage over the man who can?t read them." Which opened my eyes on the power of self-help. Now I have a rather extensive "Library". I will share 3 of my favorites and how they go hand in hand with Methods learned here. Long read about books so be prepared!

    1) The Slight Edge: Secret to a Successful Life
    By Jeff Olson
    This book is by far, the most powerful book I have read. It basically outlines how everyone is on the Slight Edge. They are either pushing up or rolling down. This isn't just another Self-Help. This is the book you read before reading Self-Help.
    It contrasts the little, day-to-day, tedious, actions which set people up for greatness or leads them to failure. How people want to see immediate results. How they work-out for 3 days expecting to see a tone reflection in the mirror and get depressed when the scale hasn't changed. No on ever became overnight .com millionaires. Well, except for Kim Dotcom. But look where that got him!
    I could go on but I will spare you! Go read it!

    2) Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There
    By Richard Fenton
    This is more directed towards any sales point of view or Offline venture. But I guess you can find ways to use the philosophy with IM!
    This book is a fictional story with an awesome new look on sales. This is an EXTREMELY short read(I believe around 100 pages) and DEFINITELY worth it. I think I have seen it mentioned here before but it deserves more recognition.

    This book describes how we were raised to avoid failing and that failing leads to failure but we were all taught wrong. There is a huge different between failing and a failure. Failing is a pit-stop on the way to success.
    If you have ever wanted to pursue any offline(7878"s ORM or any SEO) venture or just wanted to try a sales job, this is a must have!

    3) Think and Grow Rich
    By Napoleon Hill
    This book is a classic and can be found for around $5 on Amazon. It was inspired by Andrew Carnegie's "Magic Formula for success". Been trying to find the perfect Niche? Read this book, it will help keep your mind focused on $$$ and the perfect Site idea will hit you while you are sitting on a toilet in Staples! Thank God for Smart Phones because the fact there is no more toilet paper wont stop you from working on it either! That was easy!
    ***Warning*** Long read. Stick it through if your not use to Self-Helps

    Honorable Mentions!!

    What to say when you talk to Yourself
    As seen in the Movie, Wanted. Title seems stupid? That is exactly what the book is about! Everybody talks to themselves one way or the other! Through your thoughts, words, etc. This teaches you how to capitalize on it and draw out scripts on what you want to accomplish and repeat it until its stamped in your sub-conscience(want to quit smoking, start working out, be more efficient). Save you some $$$ and hours of reading. The most beneficial way is to create recordings. If I remember correctly, a friend/wife's voice works the best. Everyone always like to hear positive feedback from others. Around 12 sentences and listen to them ATLEAST 2 times a day(morning/night)

    The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music
    This book is awesome. Its another story with great information within. Its a bit off-topic from the rest but still awesome. This is more directed towards musicians(or if you ever liked music) but gets you thinking. After reading this, my ability to just create music doubled. One great idea presented in this book is about truths. The character describes that the people who look for the truth in everything are crippling themselves. I can't really explain it like the author(Victor Wooten) but ill try. Use religion for example(No i'm not going there, its just a great example). People completely shut out the idea because they don't believe its true. What does it matter if its true? Why does it have to be 100% true to learn something from it? There are MILLIONS of people which, because of their spirituality, are 100% happier than the people wanting proof, will ever be. That can be used with anything. Something doesn't have to be correct to learn from it. That is a FACT

    Whoa, long enough. Sorry for the mistakes. I hate proofing. But if you have any suggestions, please feel free! I am always looking for the next read!

    For the few that read it all, :beerchug:
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