Help:Yahoo & Hotmail acct. deleted in 2 days using SEnuke

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    Jan 24, 2011
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    *SEnuke Newbie* Two days ago I used Web 2.0 Account creation module in SEnuke and I created a hotmail acct. and under that account I created an account with ALL the social networking, video, social bookmarking and rss acct. available over the course of a few hours (I did the same thing with a yahoo email the next day). All the accounts were created successfully and emails verified. Yesterday I did a Social bookmarking nuke with all 22 available. Today both the yahoo and hotmail email I used have been deleted. Please advise what I am doing wrong (Yes proxies were enabled and I used CCleaner at beginning the two different Web Acct. nukes). Did I create too many accounts at once or did I social bookmark too many at once or was it something else. I guess I need to know what is a good safe amount to create at once
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