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    I know these are basic questions but I have actually seen conflicting answers on videos and some pdf guides. So hopefully an expert can answer once and for all!

    If I want to
    A. register a profile and then
    B. edit the profile at a later date

    Are these my advanced option settings below?

    1. Posting (registering only without posting) ONLY option needed to be ticked or are others required??
    eg Editing profile at a later date (or is that just in step B)??

    1. Editing profile at a later date option ticked (or do I need to tick Posting(registering without posting as well again??)
    2. Log in from current account used also needs to be ticked?
    To be honest the help guide with Xrumer is not very clear and when you run Xrumer the stuff it puts in the log files (sucessful, part sucessful etc) is very misleading and not always reliable!

    I have tried various combinations of the advanced options and they all seem to generate some sort of inaccurate results but I would like to know the "correct" way.

    Actually I think the databse used must need changing as well from The LinksList as the username (which changes using variation) is not in the database so how can the profile be updated when the original username is not known?? I dont think the Zlist database has this either??
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    A - yes all it's correct but don't use Generated Nickname/Password
    B - make changes in project, leave unchanged only Login/password fields
    select same Register Only mode
    select edit profile after registration
    and select to log in if current user already exist
    also u can select to Upload Avatar

    use ZLinksList, it will be faster course in this database are stored only success/half-success links

    LinksList should be used only for 1st posting on fresh collected database, and better with some neutral project without links.
    in next posting processes use only ZlinksList, this will increase up to 2-3 times speed of posting!

    Also i recommend to not use #gennick macros it will also slow posting process and success rate.. from my experience
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    Hey thanks for the reply. Information and real help on xrumer is hard to find!

    My only concern about not using variation on the nickname field is that stopforumspam build a databse very quickly (often within 1 hour of using the new profile) and block the single nickname preventing further posts.

    I saw in the logs folder a file called Registered Users which shows all the variations of nicknames used and passwords - I wonder if it is possible to use that as a zlist and still user variation?