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    I am VERY new to IM but trying my best to read all I can and learn, hoping in the future (near future would be awesome) to make some money with this. So after reading many many post here, and hoping NOT to make myself look retarded....I want to make sure I am understanding how this works correctly.

    Essentially I find a "niche" and upload videos to YouTube. I understand that, I also understand that I must have a website (which I have a domain but no real website, I can also make a blogger site) but here is where I start to get confused. Let's say my "niche" is music, I upload a song with lyrics or something, then I provide an embedded link in this video to my website or blog, that is content locked (it seems most go this way from the post I have been reading). Once this is done, do I actually put the file in a .rar for them to download, or is this simply misleading links in order for me to monetize? In other words, if I say "Click here to download the entire song!" when they click there, fill out a survey or whatnot, do they actually get the song?

    I know there is no get rich quick scheme, and am not looking for that. I am willing to put the time, energy, and effort in to what is needed to provide for my family over time. I got out for the Marines fairly recently and am unemployed so time is not an issue at all.

    I am sorry if I am not grasping this yet, I really am trying, and have performed several searches on the forums here (hopefully I did not miss something). Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Oh, man!
    Try to search little bit more. You can find here a lot of YouTube (YT) journey's with content locking, CPA, PPD (pay per download) Affiliates etc.
    I have never used CPA in YT but thats do they get something after the survey I think it's up to YOU! And Has any get this free Ipad from survey?
    Dont know and thats why I left this method in FaceBook.

    Good Luck