[HELP] With webmaster tools/ disavow tool / reconsideration request

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    So my website was slaped by google, not by panda updates, but after I start to increase my google possition by buying some unique blogposts and do some link exchange. My site went from first page on google to nowhere.

    I removed all the links that I build in that time when I was trying to increase my rankings and made a reconsideration request to google.
    After each reconsideration request my traffic went down and down and my ranks also down. I made like 6 reconsideration requests and every time google sends me example of different links that were there for 2-3 years, links that came naturally saying that are low quality.

    If I continue removing my links and apply for reconsideration requests I think I will end up removing all my backlinks.
    I want to say that many of my remaining backlinks came naturally.

    So I want to ask you guys for your advice. What sould I do?
    Should I remove all my backlinks with disavow tool and see what will happen?
    If I upload the links to remove to the disawow tool, are those links forever gone?
    Any advice from you is well received.