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Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by SaraJ, Sep 15, 2010.

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    About a week ago I started a few different Twitter accounts to test out this Twitter Attack program.

    I am playing it safe adding about 20-40 followers a day.

    I try to target the followers specifically with long keyword phrases to make sure that the tweeter is actually interested in the subject.

    After a week, no account has more than 5 followers while I am following hundreds of people on each.

    Obvious I'm doing something wrong.

    What should I be doing differently?

    Are there account building tips?

    I just need some help.
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    ru u sure about those people are still active on twitter? there are a lot of people who just make an account and don't really like the twitter feeling therefore abandon it very soon

    there was a few decent method - without knowing how tweetattack works exactly - which was described in an ebook called 'brute force twitter' back in the day, you should read that, if you didn't do that until now:
    it worked like a treat when i used that tactics with hummingbird:
    1. following spammers followers: you can spot spammers very easily, why is a good idea following them, because they will follow you back, it's almost 100% sure, why? because if they're dumb enough to follow a spammer (w/o any content/full of links, w/o profile pic), then they will follow you as well
    2. following recent follower's followers
    +1: you have to select your profile pic carefully, believe it or not, it means a lot
    he's talking about a few more very important things: how you should choose who to follow (aggressive followers), he's calling them 'feeders', and a few more useful following tactics and tips

    the numbers are not really accurate in the book by now of course and the rules of the game are a little bit different, if you want targeted followers, but it's still a good read ;)

    using these methods i was able to built 2 fake accounts over 30k in a few weeks from scratch w/o tweeting any interesting/value, just follow/unfollow and a few spam links :)
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