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    Hi all, looking for some advice

    I sold off a few sites for a tidy profit a few years back, but I have some great content ideas again and I wanted to get something going. But over the last 2 years it seems as if Panda has done a bit of a number on everything, and content is becoming more and more important. I can turn content around quickly and I am not looking for overnight success on the primary site. I need the site to rank for about 15-20 search terms terms, some being wide open and the others having little real competition. But its a niche with a lot of longevity and once established I can just set and leave it. Itis NSFW though, so most article directories will block some of the articles.

    But Im not quite sure how to approach things at the moment.

    What I am thinking is

    1 - Primary site with a few blog and content updates a week. Its basically my sales page only though used to sell some books and guides.

    2 - 25 blogs on their own IP's and domains related to the search terms and relevant subject matter, will also be optimised. Ill be posting 3-4 articles a week on them, and they will be spun but they will be quite unique once done and should not suffer duplication penalties across the mini network. The content is easy to come by. Blog posts will have the links that will point to the primary pay site predominantly, and the other blogs less often. 80% to primary site, 20% to other primary blogs

    3 - 75 web 2.0 properties. Tumbler, wordpress, hubpages, etc. Content will be spun, but often duplicated and pretty crap. 95% of the links to the blogs, with only competitive terms seeing links to the primary site on the very odd occasion. These are basically going to be a combination of autoblogs and my own highly spun content, so crap basically.

    Backlink building strategy

    1 - Primary site links outside the content above will come from high PR sites only. Blog comments, forum comments, etc but mostly from gov, edu and authority sites. Ill also be submitting to directories. No real spamming though, gradual link building, with some social bookmarks.

    2 - The majority of my spammy links will point to the 25 blogs. Im going to concentrate on blog comments and forums predominantly, but basically hammer them with links. Directory submissions will be done, but Ill also aggregate everything into RSS feeds. These blogs will be spammed with links the way we could do it 4 years ago. Some may be deindexed, but Ill plow through anyway. Social bookmarks for all updates.

    3 - Ill spam links to the web 2.0 properties, but not as many. Not looking for authority, just want them indexed with some backlink activity.

    4 - Video uploads to youtube, links to main site. Videos will be embedded onto all blogs.

    5 - rss aggregation from rss feeds on all sites, submitted everywhere.

    Looking for any advice, comments or suggestions. Any other recommendations would be welcome too. The content is adult, although its not explicit or offensive, so article directories are not going to be a real option in this case.

    Thanks in advance all. Cant believe how much has changed in such a short period of time!