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Discussion in 'Other PPC Networks' started by tatou, Mar 7, 2017.

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    Could anyone recommend how I can improve this site to meet Outbrain requirements? My campaign was just disapproved and this is their reasons.

    "Due to numerous complaints received from publishers and readers regarding sites similar to your own, we cannot approve your content at this time."

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    It's not the content itself that's the problem. It's just that Outbrain is over-saturated with advertisers who have sites just like yours. I'm sure they want different kinds of advertisers. The publishers do as well because their visitors probably are tired of the same kinds of ads and not clicking on ads. In other words, ad blindness which is bad for the publishers and Outbrain and similar ad networks such as Taboola. What they likely want are more advertisers that are not news types of sites like yours and with more valuable, not to mention unique, content. They want less "weird trick to..." and "you won't believe what she looks like today" types of advertisers.

    So create original content, not simply aggregate general news, even if it's just the entertainment industry. Write about something you are passionate about. Could be sports (I think concentrating on one team only would be best), something for car enthusiasts or anything you are an expert in that would help people such as Excel tips. You seem to try to monetize with Clickbank but there are other ways such as selling your own products. If you had a site about the New York Yankees, you could sell Yankees products, even tickets. If you were an Excel expert, you could sell your own books or services. The sky really is the limit on what you can do but it has to be valuable content, not simply news that anyone can get in a thousand different places.
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