Help with new site, high traffic, low CTR

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by gw2armor, Oct 1, 2012.

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    Hi Black Hat,

    First of all I hope that this is the appropriate area to ask for advice about this. I've been googling pretty nonstop for the past days looking for info to help me out and end up here a lot, so hopefully I'm in the right area.

    Anyway right to it..

    I've recently launched a site, the first day it was live I generated 30,000 UIP and over 600,000 page requests. It has since been on average 6,000 UIP and ~100,000 page requests. With the adsense ads I'm using currently I get roughly 120,000 impressions.

    Now the problem is 1) my CTR is low, 0.03% - 0.06%, the nature of the site involves navigating multiple pages often so I sort of expect this. 2) Adsense seems to be paying me less than a penny CPM... I say that because I have an ad with multiple thousands of views and no clicks, it generated 1 penny 'estimaged'.

    Clearly this is bothersome for me, I feel I'm getting cheated. My content is video game related, from what I've read it's hard to monetize CTR in this genre? I'm looking for a decent CPM and I with adsense would give it to me but they don't seem to me. I've started looking into gaming related ad services, epic game ads, etc.

    I'm hoping maybe you guys have some words of wisdom as its fairly demoralizing to know I'm getting traffic but not getting paid :(

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    Keyword research is very important so you you get traffic from your target audience. you can try promoting your site through social media. If you get more traffic, you get more CTR, possibly. Oh, you have high UIP. Maybe what you need to do now is try and test the placement of ads. Make sure that it appears almost the same as your site's content/text, same background color as your site so it will not really look like ads. Make sure that the ads are related to your content.