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Aug 29, 2009
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Ok. I'm having some trouble blanking all of my traffic. I've got the method I want to use to blank my traffic set, but i'm having trouble with an input redirect URL.

Basically this is what I mean:

Situation 1:
I make a PHP file that checks to make sure the referrer is blank, then it will redirect to the "afflink" variable that I placed in the code.

Here is what I want:

Situation 2:
The PHP file checks to make sure referrer is blank, then redirects to a site from the URL bar.

(If was the destination site)

Does anyone have any tips on how to grab input from a URL?
Don't blank your traffic. Fake it. It makes for a much believable story when you tell your AM that your traffic coming from a different site.
If your offers convert in the backend, then your AM's won't be suspicious.

Unless they want to steal your traffic source.

Just be sure to tell your AM beforehand about you blanking referrers.
I've already talked to my AM, and they are chill with it.

My traffic will convert, but its not a source they'd approve of so, I don't want them to know about it.
Why don't you want to just use the simple DMR method if you're just blanking?

It is working for greater than 2 years.

PM if you need a working DMR method, and I'll send the code.
The only working method to hide the real referrer is to use the onload function.
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