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    I need some help! I used to be very good at running CPA affiliate offers using PPC ("big G") on offers with high margins. Now, "Big G" is very very frustrating and has really cut into my revenue by cutting off my ability to advertise/promote my sites. My new focus is micro niche sites.
    I'm struggling...maybe because I have had so much success with my old style (my old "good habits" have now become new "bad habits"). This is my process for my current site and I would really like you guys to make serious suggestions to be more effective.

    1 - Niche research
    My "niche" (URL) has 33,100 global searches and an estimated avg. CPC of $10.31. I used "Google Adwords Keyword Tool".

    2 - Articles
    I bought "95,000" articles from eBay. Which is ok, but I know that the content has been used a million times over on the internet. I have outsourced the "spinning" of new articles through elance. I paid $50 USD for 12 articles to be re-written.

    3 - Site Setup
    -All in One SEO Pack
    -Easy Privacy Policy
    -Google XML Sitemaps
    -SEO Smart Links
    -Ultimate Google Analytics
    The plan is to submit a new article every second day. The artices are keyword rich with my URL and the name of the article. I used a free template...the website looks alright.

    4 - I have the site setup with Google Webmaster, Yahoo site explorer and Bing Toolbox. Google Webmaster works fine but Yahoo and Bing are being annoying. Is there a better way to submit to search engines?

    5 - Twitter
    I've started "auto tweeting" to help promote the site. Is there a link to a really good twitter strategy? I'm going to look into it more but I want to focus on the steps above first.

    6 - Backlinks
    I'm looking at outsourcing the creating of backlinks. I'm using elance to find someone to do this. I'm a rookie at this so if someone could recommend to me a better way, I'm open to new ideas.

    My goal is simply to be at the top of the search engine for my "phrase" (and I'm very confident I can do this). I want to make adsense revenue. I had done some "test" and I know that if I have 2-clicks per day...I'll be laughing! Then I'll just rinse and repeat...
    Anyway, please comment on all of my 6 steps. Ways to save costs..."fatal flaws" in my process, etc.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Suggestion for Part 1, have you tried Market Samurai for the keyword research? I like it because it tells me the expected clickthrus from Big G for the keywords i'm targeting (SEO Traffic) and the Commerciality (estimated earning potential) of my theme/category keywords.

    It also tells you the number of competing webpages for the keywords on Big G, as well as the strength of the competition. Hope that helps :)
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