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Help with follow-up settings twitter edition

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by Damian Uzcanga, May 23, 2017.

  1. Damian Uzcanga

    Damian Uzcanga Registered Member

    May 23, 2017
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    Sorry for the tittle is followliker

    Good friends of blackhatworld, my problems are the following, I am realizing that my account is scraping has itself instead of the accounts that I place, if it does but rarely, it says the following message And I also Wonder why I have searched for users in my account. Look what I get "Scraping / Finding followers of user: Myusername [Myusername]"

    And I also wanted to explain, as I have to correctly configure the scrap part with "Normal Search", "Tweet Author", "Users Who Liked", "Users Who Retweeted" and "Users Who Replied". Part of query the keyword or Hashtag and gets me very few, and I get on twitter and there are a lot of results per second, but nevertheless only manages to follow 100 in 12 hours, following 22 seconds, help me to know how Use this type of search, including locating? Besides that I have to place exactly in the Query field so that it works
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