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    Hey guys,

    Need a bit of help.

    I'm making an attempt to promote a dating offer, and having a good run of clicks to the offer, but no conversions. The reason I think its not converting is because the landing page is not customized correctly. Its simply a front page where they have to search for a date, etc.

    I basically need the landing page to link in directly to a login page to my "supposed" profile at the dating site, so they think that they are about to log in to see my profile. How can this be done? Do I need to design a custom landing page for something like this, or is there a short cut? Also, what dating offer can be customized for something like this easily?
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    With your girlfriend
    there are a few networks but the easiest way is to tell them that they have to sign up with this website and to avoid having to search for you, they will have to sign up using the link and it would automatically approve them and have them as one of your friends so they can see your pictures right away and not have to go through the approval process

    they will dig that like crazy, but you have to through them a bone if you know what I mean.