Help with Aweber Setup!

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by harizd, Apr 6, 2015.

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    So I set up my list and tested the form by using my own e-mail address. To my surprise, the confirmation e-mail went straight to spam.
    How do I avoid this from happening? My domain is new and I set up an e-mail address e.g [email protected] and using this e-mail as the "From" option in list settings.

    It cannot be my message that's causing this because, I'm pretty much using the default message now with very little changes.

    Question 1: Is there a way to fix this? should I use an e-mail from any other domain?

    Question 2: Is there a way to set-up Aweber form to work in the following way:

    • I put my form on landing page.
    • Visitor comes and enters name, email etc. and hits the submit button
    • As soon as he hits the submit button, I want him to be sent to the offer page (CPA) straight.

    No confirmation. As soon as he hits the send button, his details are registered in my list. To put it short, no double opt-in or waiting for email business.

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    yes You can redirect your Webpage to your CPA offer By Clicking On Submit Button through Aweber itself ..