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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by ImperialLegionary, May 19, 2015.

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    So I have an Amazon affiliate site and I have been struggling with my conversion rates. My CTR to Amazon is around 20% (only counting unique visitors), around 30% counting each click. Only 1% of clicks actually purchased an item.

    The product I am promoting is around 100-400$ on average. I get around 40-60 unique visitors to my site daily. I am #5 on the first page of SERP for the main keyword. The four sites above me are also all Amazon associate sites too. Could this be a reason why my conversions are low? Also, does anyone have any ideas for fonts that look good on a review site?

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    1% conversion for > 100$ products sounds good to me. However, the high price is the reason. Me, before buying a 200$ item, will really think and read and bla bla for more than 24 hrs. So, i'm not surprised of this. Now you gotta turn the traffic up so you can hit 8%..try heavy seo and another site on different ip..that way you'll have more chance hitting #1..if you want more info about amazon, pm me