Help with a high quality Tiktok that is not doing well.


Sep 16, 2019
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Hey there, So a few months back I uploaded my first video to tiktok. Very engaging content and it took about 3/4 attempts of me deleting and re-uploading to catch the FYP and I did, and when it did it blew up and got 2+ million views, 100k+ followers. So after that I didn't upload anything as I always want to upload the absolutely best content whenever I do. So after working on the vid for a few weeks I uploaded it yesterday. And it did ok but not anywhere near what i want it to be. It currently has 100k views and is just struggling along, again super good content with 28k likes and 1k shares so I know people must be enjoying the content.
Now I think the algorithm pushed it a small bit yesterday because it went from 22k-29k in a matter of minutes and the likes were going up with it but then all of a sudden it throttled again and has just creeped up to 100k over the last 24hrs or so.

Now one factor that may be causing an influence is I stupidly used the 1min version of the sound I was after which only has 50 videos associated with it as opposed to the 30 sec version which has 100k+. Now this sound isn't currently trending but I would from time to time hear it on my FYP. Now I've spoken to a friend of mine who uploaded a video with a near identical story regarding it creeping to 100k and dieing and he told me that he deleted and re-uploaded and it ended up with 1.5m. Really interested to get your opinions on where I go from here!

Do I delete reupload?
Do I leave it?

Looking forward to your replies.