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Sep 3, 2009
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Hi Guys
Please help a newbie out! I put a site up about three weeks ago...submitted to a few directories and made a few forum and guest book post. Within two weeks I had two keywords on page one and 5 keywords on page two but they have all dropped off to position 100 or higher. Is this normal or I do something very wrong?
Hi sdunn,

Be patient, this is totally normal and it is usually called the "google dance" as far as I know.

I have had many new sites go through the same thing and after 1 or 2 months come back at full speed to page 1.

Just be patient and keep building backlinks at a slow rate so you don't get sandboxed.

Good luck!
Yes, be patient. Google likes to dance with new sites to see where the best place is to place them in the rankings.
That's the "newbie boost". But if your website was on page 1 or 2 you will get it back there easy.
Thanks guys for responding! I forgot to mention that I also embedded a youtube video on my site. What if any effect should that have?:)
It's perfectly normal for a new site just keep working on it! If it got up to page 1 it shouldn't be too hard to get it back up there.
twix: not necessarily. Google's dance is pretty unpredictable. You may sit on the first page of a high ranked keyword one week and then drop off the charts the next. Everything just takes time, energy, and patience.
Just make sure you keep building links otherwise they will probably stay there.
Probably you may have implemented a BH technique which Google doesn't like, for eg. too many keywords on your webpage or keywords in alt tags where not required etc.

Try to undo some changes on webpage like hidden text on home page and wait for two weeks. You will be back on first page.
Extreme I wasn't saying it will head back up the rankings rather that if it hit there as a new site it shouldn't be hard, with continueing link building etc, to get back up there.
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