[HELP WANTED] Need some tips on what is a good review page

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    Ive got a site that has risen to no2 on G and getting a lot of good search traffic daily for the reviews of a "how to" product. I didnt put much effort in when I first made the site but now its made its way up I need to write the reviews a lot better. So what are the best tips for a review style page? Im thinking how many paragraphs, any images, images linked to CB product, text links etc etc. Also is it wise to suggest you actually did use the products or just mix in some reviews from the product site. I really want to try and find out the best working review page style.

    Any help would be really appreciated.

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    Honestly, you can answer this yourself by simply searching for the most popular and high competition clickbank products to see what affiliates are doing with their articles to rank and promote their sites. No need to reinvent the wheel when it's not really necessary.
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    Write down what you believe that everyone who wants to buy this product would like to know about it. Then give them what they want. Since this is a "how-to" product, most people will probably be interested if previous users reached the goal if they followed the steps in the guide.

    Otherwise, try to make it look natural (people need to feel that they are making a purchase decision, not you). It is also good to sum everything up at the end of the article (advantages, disadvantages, price and bonuses).