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    Aug 12, 2012
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    Hey there,

    I'm a complete newbie. I've set up my site with Hostgator, bought my domain name, bought Optimize Press and Aweber and I'm ready to start building traffic.

    I've been recommended to start using solo ads.

    My current understanding is you basically pay other people money so they send an E-mail out to their list promoting your site so you can get traffic from their list. I want to know some things before I start wasting my money.

    1.If it's X amount of money for a guaranteed 100 clicks. How can they guarantee 100 subscribers will click the link to your site?
    2.How much should I be looking to pay?
    3.Does my site need to be more developed for it to be effective?
    4.What do I need to be wary of?

    Thanks Joe