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Discussion in 'Twitter' started by koliman, Nov 25, 2015.

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    Hello people , I want to make some questions about Twitter marketing.
    I have a personall twitter acount created at 2012 and I want to gian followers and sell shoutouts for money or favors.

    So I was thinking to just follow people and wait them to follow me back.

    Some questions I want to ask:
    1)Can a personall twitter be profitable ??
    2)If I unfollow someone, this person will be suggested again to follow ?
    3)I am patient man so I can wait for gain followers , any suggestions how to gain followers expect follow/unfollow and posting quality content
    4)I dont want to piss off Twitter , any rules I need to know about follow/unfollow ?

    Maybe more question will come , I will post them below and when I am ready I will create a plan and post it at journeys section.

    Thanks for reading my thread.
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    I suggest you target some sort of niche. If you get random followers, the clickthrough rate will be very low and you won't be able to offer much value with your shoutouts.

    Follow/unfollow is the best way I know of. I'd get a bot. I use FollowLiker but I'm sure others are good, too.
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