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    So I got an trademark infringement email recently that stated that I used their trademarked name in one of the product I sell as an amazon affiliate. It was a word in a lengthy product description that I sell.

    This was part of what they wrote:

    *company* has recently learned that the trademark *word* appears as a metatag, keyword,
    visible or hidden text and images on the web site(s) located at URL(s) listed in the body of this email,
    without having obtained prior written authorization from *company*

    They then asked me to do the following:

    1.Immediately to stop using *word* and other Intellectual Property Rights referred to in the Letter.

    2.Immediately stop dealing in *category* products using identical or confusingly similar sign of the
    *word* and other Intellectual Property Rights P rights in any kind of supports and not deal in them in future including but not limited to manufacturing them, importing them, offering them for sale or
    putting them on the market.

    3.Not infringe the *word* brands and other Intellectual Property Rights of *company*Referred in the Letter in the future.

    4.Not procure, enable, cause or assist any third party to do anything falling with the ambit of the
    undertakings above.

    5.Within 7 days from the signature of this Written Undertaking, provide *company*with the
    following information and documents:
    - Number of *category* products that we have manufactured and/or purchased, distributed and sold while using *word* and/or the Intellectual Property Rights of *company*
    -The scope of distribution (territory and periods)
    -The name(s), address (es) and phone and email details of the manufacturer(s) and /or the supplier of the products;
    - Copies of all invoices, orders and other sale and purchase documentation relating to our dealings in the conflicting products.

    6. Within 14 days from the signature of this Written Undertaking, pay *company* an amount
    to be agreed on the basis of the foregoing information to compensate the damage suffered and
    our legal costs in relation to this matter. (currently Legal costs amounts to 1500€)

    I have deleted all the pages and products anywhere close to their product but has not responded to them. I am living in the middle east.

    Should I be worried? Note number 6