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    Hey guys its me bilal and currently I want to to self brand myself. I'm currently looking for ideas and help from vets, or noobies because you can learn from everyone :). I want to self-brand my self within 2-3 years and start to develop a YT and a personal website to make a daily income off of and live off of the online marketing world.

    My history
    So I got into online marketing and social media through Instagram last year. I built a successful Instagram and got to 32k followers and a average of 7-8k per picture of me. Then I quit Instagram because I got bored of it and everyone at my school didnt use it and disliked it. This could have been the biggest mistake of my life. Anyways I quit the account and played ps3 black ops 2 and now I play ghosts but I've taken a break. So now I come back and my current Instagram account is at 22k and only averages 100-200 likes and 400 max likes. If only Instagram didnt have captcha and didnt put limitations per hour I could have botted to 30k within 3 weeks easily. I currently have other accounts aswell that helped my main following grow. Those accounts are around 2-6k. They only average around 30 likes.

    Previous Money Making Tactis
    I originally sold Instagram accounts that I botted on and made around 200$. All of my traffic came from google for this. I also had made a Instagram account and a website with Adsense and made 15$ within 3 days and decided to stop.

    Instagram: I am now restarting my Instagram account and uploading pictures regularly. I might blast the pics I upload now with at least 1k-5k likes to make myself popular again. Still undecided what I want to do with my other random accounts.

    Twitter: I will be white hating twitter by using a method on the forums. Tweeting first day and following little by little and I'm also working with addmefast to gain followers. Otherwise I havn't done much to get traffic from Twitter

    Facebook: I have not started/ found a bot to help autopilot. I know there potential just need the drive with Facebook or otherwise I won't touch it. I see a lot of people get traffic from Facebook with hot girls and add me groups

    Pinterest: This app is confusing in itself. I have not taken the time to find a bot for it. However I hear there is lots of potential and now is going to compete with the other social media.

    Youtube: Made my first video and have been getting traffic from Instagram and twitter. Just recently bought 5k views, and 100 likes and some comments. Just trying to upstart traffic from YouTube SEO to social media. This video will have monetization once finished getting views.
    I am also Adsense verified to receive paychecks

    I know this sounds more like a journey but I just want your guys advice on how to become a social media in the tough market for some like me. I have 2 years to work with but I'm afraid it still won't be enough time. Let me know what you think/your own personal opinion!

    Thnks for taking the time to read a newbies forum :D