HELP promoting my Artist


Sep 2, 2011
Hello BTW, i am new to this site, I was invited by gbond14 he said this will be helpful for what Im looking for! Forgive if the post is a little long but Im trying to cover all bases, Thanks
I have a rap artist by the name a "showtime" I recently created his facebook fanpage and friend page, tumblr, youtube channel, myspace and other blog sites social media sites he already had a twitter account, the website and video should up this weekend, those all the things i currently have so far Im looking for someone to help me come up with creative ideas to get customers follower friends and LIKES and views, i would like to know can you help me with it as well optimizing my site where it were people can you see. The single that I'm pushing
is titled "Im on My Gucci" and there an Artist by the name of Kreayshawn with song titled "Gucci Gucci" the song has been out 4mos it has over 13 million view on youtube alone, I want to attrack some of her viewers, I would like to have my Artist Site,video or other information when the search for Gucci Gucci. i know sounds like alot but is it possible? (little more about the song) I ran several test with the public the song and it went over well with all ages. The song is Called "Im on my Gucci" for example if you working you are working you are on your Gucci, if you going to school you are on your Gucci, looking for a job you are on your Gucci or helping you parents with choirs you are on your Gucci an so on...
Im on my Gucci is a motivational statement that is used when you are doing something that is making a difference. let me know how you guys can help!
Go to thesilent. just search for thesilent and pick the thread that says xrumer backlinks, or just contact thesilent. Get his top package, you will get more traffic than you know what to do. Peace.

All your ideas are great. Implement them they will work. Also, you started a twitter but are you tweeting? YOu need to tweet, you need to find every user that fits in your niche and follow them.

You have youtube but are you uploading videos every week? Are you uploading vids with up to date news? Are you friending other people on Youtube? I am radiorobrocks on youtube. just go look I have over 19000 friends, i have thousands of views and lots of comments on the only two songs i have up there. I did this by friending others first.

You say you have facebook. Are you on facebook everyday updating? Are you friending people, looking at other profiles, liking other artist vids and inviting them to see yours?

Also the fact you mention Myspace is ridiculous. Myspace is dead don't wast time. You look worse for having myspace. People see myspace and think "OLD".

You say you have blog sites social media, are you on them every day? ARe you talking to people communicating.

You need to have a PR machine and there is only one way and that is to do it.

I promise you if you just communicate with the poeple, get out there, like others, friend others, be nice, say nice things, you will find that you will blow up in no time.

Really all you need is Youtube to blow up. But you have to utilize it to it's full potential. Look up youtube automation software and see if you can find something that will help you get better results.

Just my opinion. Peace.
Thanks for all the valuable insight I will definitely apply them all and to my mission to becoming Super Relevant in the Indie Artist World. if any other ways you think of Please feel free to Hit Me Up. Your Time will Not Be Wasted. (im a knowledge fiend) :You_Rock_
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